Rumor Has It –


Shane is lounging on his bed blessed with a friend who says he saw Coach. Shane becomes worried that his roommate might be homosexual and hes been living for months with him. Bobby walks to the space unknowing of what’s conspired. Bobby sees that Shane is acting weird around him so he confronts him why he’s bothered. Shane breaks it at first Bobby denies it he awakens in and admits he is gay. Shane only desired the truth and Bobby moves closer to him telling him that ok, we could still be friends – but Shane backs away as he gets closer and closer. Eventually Bobby moves in to Shane rolls and your kiss with it. Soon enough Bobby is showing him how he sucked at Coach in all his glory and fucked. Now these roommates may enjoy fun in and out of the bedroom.

Date: January 26, 2020
Porn stars: Bobby Hudson / Shane Jacobs
Category: Gay porn

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