Safe House 2 Part 2 –


It's called the Safe House; for Hazel Hypnotic it's anything but. It s dark, it s chilly, and it s frightening. PD wedged a ring keeping her jaw spread. It ends up to be worse, although Initially she thinks it is so that he can fuck her face. He would like to listen to her shout. Using this very small device in place she can ' t help herself, although She’d really like to deny him the pleasure, to grit her teeth against annoyance and the panic. It's portion of her conditioning, a part that is very important , really. She can t hold anything back. When he makes a demand it should be her whole life's aim to fulfill it. She knows it, too. She knew the instant she opened her eyes which her life had changed. It isn't hers. She belongs to him now, entirely. PD is hoping to desensitize Hazel that she has to survive. She knows what his plan is, but just how much good is? It doesn't make a big difference when she can't do anything about it. It adds to her dread. She can feel her will slipping away with every passing minute. She starts asking herself things &ldquo? ” it isn until she begins telling myself that it’ll be OK, After that idea is in her mind. And what happens to her then? Will she learn to love her captor? Will he even want her after she’s contributed in? She also doesn't know what's worse in the long run, submitting to her destiny for a toy for him to play with however he begs, or the idea that one day he will just be done with her.

Date: January 30, 2020
Porn stars: Hazel Hypnotic
Category: Bondage

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