Salacious Sprites –


Vanda (blonde) and Tiffany begin having sex in the living room. The women begin Vanda and kissing eliminates Tiffanys shirt and fondles her firm boobies and licks small, erect nipples. Then Vandas shirt is removed by Tiffany and licks and sucks her nipples. Then Tiffany licks her pussy from behind and goes onto her knees , and Vanda fingers. Vanda lies back, the girls kiss and Tiffany begins eating her pussy and finger fucks her. Then Tiffany slides back, and Vanda goes down to her, bringing her to orgasm. Then Tiffany eats Vanda out more, licking fingering her into orgasm. Then the girls kiss and cuddle.

Date: January 31, 2020
Porn stars: Tiffany Doll / Vanda L
Category: Fingering

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