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His debut was left by tallIts been nearly a year since one of this weeks studs . After hundreds of requests, were pleased to say we have the razzle dazzle you guys begged for. Ryan Raz is back and better than ever. For all those of you who hadnt the joy, Ryan is originally from St. Louis, MO, however he now calls New York City home. The 6, 26 year-old blonde boy from the Midwest is currently making quite a stir in the Big Apple. After being under contract with a major studio for the past calendar year, were happy Ryans back (. . .and back in Florida.) We decided to set up our smooth alum with a blonde discovery thats not only in Floridabut from Florida Last week. Bobby Rail, who made the Christmas Holidays that much sexier, is back, and we have a feeling these two are gonna hit it off just swell (pun intended). Bobby is in West Palm Beach. This 24 year-old has left a wake of spit. Hes shown us exactly how good a shirt and a bottom he can be. In fact, Bobby lost both cherries here in CircleJerkBoys, since we filmed both his earliest ever topping as well as bottoming scenes. Who knew this hot blond studs favourite thing would be eat? Well these days now is there?! Bobby joins Ryan on the couch and informs him hes sore from working out. Ryan offers him a back rub, which escalates to a good deal more. They begin making out, as Ryan has to operate freeing Bobbys growing cock. Their tops come off, along with Ryans hand is buried in Bobbys briefs. Bobby helps him out. After theyre both in their own underwear, Bobby decides to find a better look at whats. As his cock springs free bobby pulls Ryans briefs . Hes rock hard, and Bobby immediately attends to him. He takes every one of Ryans thick 7 penis deep, as Ryan yells his approval. Bobby kneels between Ryans thighs to get much better accessibility and slides . He licks since he drives Ryan mad, Ryans cock from bottom to tip. Ryan decides that he gets Bobby to his feet, also wants some too. Penis is throbbing and locating relief from Ryans expert mouth. Since Bobby begins face fucking Ryan, we receive our first glimpse at that bubble ass of his. Ryan takes his time and gradually works Bobbys meat all the way down his throat. As he gets his meat worshipped by Ryan bobby just watches. Its making him want a lot more than that sweet mouth of his.nRyan then turns around and receives on all four revealing Bobby that ass he wants fucked. Bobby immediately goes in for a inspectiontongue. Ryan gasps since Bobby begins eating out his hungry bum. So that he can slide his penis inside hes getting that ass wet. Bobby starts shoving indoors, giving the cock hes been trying to Ryan and suits up. Hot ass opens for that thick dick. Soon, his ass is being boned by Bobby deep and fast. He retains Ryans ass with one hand as him bounces back on his meat. Bobby sets Ryan on his trunk and slides in for more. He begins fucking Ryan missionary, and Ryan carries every inch of dick hes given. From pretty much every angle, then we can view Bobbys bone slipping in and from Ryans ass. Bobby switches things up as he goes back and lets Ryan work. Ryan straddles his meat as he slides down on to it. He starts to ride that dick since he rebounds and bobs, grinding deep as he can into get as much of it. This position demonstrates powerful, and they both are all set to bust up their heaps. They lie beside one another and jack coating their frames that are smooth . Whew.

Date: January 19, 2020
Porn stars: Bobby Rail / Ryan Raz
Category: Gay porn

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