Scott Riley Pays His Debts.. –


Scott Riley owes money to Myles Landon, a dubious debtor. He decides to go after Scott instead of trying to get it from him. He tied him in his little black spot, making sure he is immobile. Then he tore at his nipples using clover clamps and stretched his legs while biting his dick. Then he continues his sex games by sucking Scott’s hard cock. Scott is then put in full suspension and he faces fucks his sex while laughing. He then flips Scott over and shocks his sensitive legs with an electric chair. Then, Myles drives ScottA’s thick dick in his ans, and then fucks ScottA. ScottA is blindfolded, immobile and can only see MylesAs big, hard cock digging his hole. Myles eventually makes Scott cum and then puts his load in his mouth. Scott might think he’s paid off his debt but in reality, he’s just a part of MylesAs collection.

From: boundgods
Date: September 15, 2022
Category: Gay

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