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Wenona ranked fourth”The Gymnast”HT: 5A’8WT:134Season Record (1-0)Lifetime Record (12-7)SydBlackovichRanked first”The Nightmare”HT:5A’2WT 118Season records (0-0)Lifetime Records (11-2)Syd hasnA’t wrestled in U/S since season 5. She was dominant in Season 5, and she defeated Dia Zerva to become the season’s 5 all-round champion. She is 5A’2 inches tall and weighs 118 pounds. In the summer vengeance and lightweight divisions, she was ranked number one. At the moment, she is the only wrestler currently on the roster who has ever won a tournament of summer vengeance. With a convincing win, she blasted her opponent. SheA has more U/S mat time than syd. SheA has wrestled 3 more seasons than Syd. Wenona believes that having greater experience in U/S rules will help her win today. BONUS OIL MATCH, and super-sexy spanking. This match will see the winner challenge the loser to a match of nude oils with pins. The loser gets the pin from the match winner.

From: ultimatesurrender
Date: August 14, 2022
Category: General

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