Short short skirt on a big ass –


Gordon is a 25-year-old straight man who works as a electrician. “What’s business these days?” I asked. “You know, with all the home slump and such.” “It sucks,” he said. “Everything is real slow. Not much work nowadays.” “Is that part of why youre here?” I asked. “To make a little excess money?” “I guess,” he explained. “I had been thinking about possibly changing professions. I love fucking chicks and Im great at it …””You want to be a porn star?” “Yeah, why not…”Gordon mentioned that he has a girlfriend. “How can she feel about doing it?” I asked. “Shes good. Real open. We fuck all of the time and that she loves sex, so no problem there. “I asked him exactly what kind of girls he likes. “I like tight buttocks. I dont like huge titties since they usually come with a big ass,” he explained…

Date: October 13, 2020
Category: Gay porn

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