Slave, clean My Lovers Cum.. –


Princess Lily enjoys when her boyfriend makes fun of her, but how do you clean up after that? She keeps a slave in her cage, with his head only sticking out. He is available to clean her genitals afterward. Lily walks into the room, and the slave is waiting for her. Because he heard Lily screaming, he knows exactly what to do. She says, “I tell my lovers that I need them to put their largest loads in me.” You can clearly see how much cum her lover has injected into her body and her ass as she stands on the platform.

Lily enjoys the taste of slave tongues and the excitement of him eating cum from her genitals. Can you smell my sch1t? She asks the slave, and he says yes. He continues to work hard at his job. She says, “It’s just like the frosting on chocolate cake.” Incredible views of Lily’s pussy, ass, and all the hot cum. She asks for you to picture yourself in her cage with a masked servant. She tells her slave at the end to put his mouth in the hole, as she is about to experience something. She purrs, “If you are lucky, you might just get some desert,” she smiles.

Date: June 8, 2022
Category: Panty

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