Slave Initiation: Rosie –

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Of getting entangled together with how things operate on TUF, Following her first day, it’s time to get rosie’s initiation. She is discharged from the trunk she was abandoned in by Jack Hammer and finds her place. Regrettably for rosie, her brutal critic is a distinguished guest this evening: Goddess Soma.Soma has attracted many servant through the ranks in her time and isn’t easily impressed. She puts rosie where she belongs, beneath her stool. After dividing rosie down she’s the slaves deliver her through the positions and correct her mistakes, bringing rosie to possess a genuine melt . By crumbling her self just enough, Soma enables her to finish the night because a true submissive slave.Rosie spends the remainder of the night to the floor in her own filth, serving the house slaves and satisfying cock. We believe she will make an addition to the house.

Date: February 5, 2019
Category: Slave

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