Slave-Master Roleplay –


Gorgeous blonde immigrant Vivienne Velvet comes from Romania to be a model in the usa. She needs to build vulnerability and her portfolio so that she hires a photographer to receive her started. I pose the long legged girl in standard design evaluations and snap plenty of pictures. Innocent Vivienne is excited and she is ´make her modeling career off the ground and t even wait to observe the outcome. I guarantee her achievement and off she goes. Following Vivienne leaves I reveal my spouse Mr. Ogre the pictures. We realize this stunner will bring a good deal of cash. We decide to catch and market her. Mr. Ogre awakens bad Vivienne out of the van along with her wrists tied behind her back. He drags her indoors and grabs her by the hair. Vivienne struggles valiantly, however we are powerful for her. She’s pushed into the sofa and her ankles are tied and a ballgag is strapped into her mouth. She fights for a little while on floor and the couch trying to free herself. Mr. Ogre pins her wrists into her entire body with more rope along with the bad version freaks out yelling and sobbing through her gag. She rips me and struggles furiously. I laugh and then her ankles rope is loosened by him and drags Vivienne away. We have her dressed available in a outfit that is really sexy. Denim skirt. I educate Vivienne to pose, but she refuses. The Romanian is defiant and we need to calm and subdue her to the images. Mr. Ogre cleans her ass a couple of times,, but the gorgeous blonde refuses to collaborate. And he pulls her back and ties up her arms over her face, but Ogre is although she attempts to run off. Vivienne needs to be tamed until she can be sold by us. Mr. Ogre pulls down her skirt and slowly removes her thick leather belt. Vivienne looks fearful as he starts to whip her buttocks. Till she sobs as a baby, he beats her. The bimbo is calm and cooperative. I spare her climaxes and take the pictures that are needed. We drag the woman that is pretty off to the slaver who bought her.

Date: July 15, 2020
Porn stars: Dana DeArmond / James Deen
Category: Anal sex

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