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MenOver30 welcomes Spencer Reed, a fiery new member. Spencer Reed is 28 years old and hails from Philadelphia. The complete package is this Philly native. HeA is tall, handsome and well-built. The cream boat of the world, this monolith with dark features is anyoneA’s choice. As we welcome this South Bend native, 33-year-old Diego Vena today will have the opportunity to test SpencerA’s A “reedA” as we celebrate his return. We wanted to know if readers enjoyed reading. Diego has no favorite authors but likes horror novels. Spencer chooses the gym to read, and it is evident. The two of them then questioned what subjects they wish they knew more about. Spencer smiled with a killer smile and answered our questions about foreign policy. Riiiight! Diego joins American Politics. The conversation turned to sex, and we asked if anyone had ever taken someone’s virginity. They both have taken part in some very lucky men’s first sex and they agree that the thought of doing it is more exciting than actually getting involved. These people end up either in awkwardness, or falling madly in love with each other which can be quite awkward. This afternoon will not be awkward for these two experienced pros so letAs get the party started. They start to have an affair on the couch, with Diego running his tongue along SpencerAs large chest and abdominals. As Spencer smiles at Diego, he lies back and lets Diego have his way. Diego continues to lick his way south until he gets to SpencerA’s expanding crotch. As he begins to tease his cock, he pulls on his jeans. Diego teases Spencer even more, as he begins to pull on Spencer’s toes. Spencer allows him to work on his sexuality for a while before getting up and showing DiegoA his crotch. As Spencer begins to move on the thick cock, Diego starts to do some head bobs. SpencerA’s thick cock becomes rock-hard as Diego spits out as much as he can. Diego wags a wild desire for that fat dick and slaps it on his face while Spencer looks at him. Spencer just loves the way his dick looks and he tries to get more. Diego then goes back to shoveling that meat down his throat. Spencer bends over to Diego and opens his mouth. As Spencer prepares his ass for the fucking, Diego grunts. Spencer smiles and says, “You want to dick?” He then moves in position and begins pushing inside. Diego grunts as his tight and plugged assals. As DiegoA’s ball hits his hole, Spencer begins to bang on the ass. Diego gets his abs ploughed and jacks his head. Spencer is a big fan of Diego’s antics and jumps on the ground to help him. He grunts, “Ride that dickA” as Diego begins to ride. As he squats on the dick, he grabs SpencerA’s neck and goes in for a sex as he inhales on that dick. Spencer grabs Diego and continues the missionary party. As DiegoA’s stomach growls, he watches. Diego grunts while he shoves that dick deeper than ever before, but he’s not going to complain now. Spencer gets Diego over to his side and continues giving that dick what it wants-more dick. Spencer pulls up and dumps everything on DiegoA’s head and face, while Diego smears his load everywhere he goes.

From: menover30
Date: October 4, 2022
Category: Gay

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