Strap Some Boyz #03 –


Curvy tattooed brunette Tori Avano stilettoes and is flashy in lingerie, with a big dildo strapped on. Pool boy Christian shows and he didnt take his eyes from her provocative get-up. He wants to suck on cock. Tori allows him suck on her asshole as she sucks on his meat and she stuffs four fingers up his tight butt. She bangs his bum because he rebounds off after making him beg to get a butt fuck. Wicked Tori pinches as he bends on dildo ass-to-mouth, his nose shut, and she makes him slurp his spit. Fuck small fuck boy, me she requests, along with her round, greased cheeks bounce as she rides on his dick. He cums in her hand; she sperm-smears his face, and then he swallows the semen he feeds him.

Date: July 14, 2019
Category: Strapon

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