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Hung God Dominic Pacifico along with his pet plaything Casey Everett came hungry for adventure. This was Caseys first time for a whole lot of his nervousness made a raw sexual tension that his real life lover devoured when the camera started to roll. By cowering at the boot of the taskmaster Casey started his experience. He worshiped the bronzed and muscles . Hungry for more, Dominic climbed every time gagged and jammed his pole down Caseys throat. With drool all over his face and immaculate hair, Casey was dragged throughout the area and attached to a post having tight and restrictive rope bondage. Dominic then began to toy with his furry friend, sternly punishing his ball sack that was swollen and playfully slapping his penis. When his bit of meat was good and tenderized, Dominic then attacked him with a electric zapper probing every inch of Caseys smooth and sensitive flesh. he could better accessibility Caseys asshole with a After Casey was heated up, he was suspended by Dominic in the air in complicated rope bondage. The machine was awakened by dominic out and in of Caseys whore pit causing his dick to engorge with delight. The butt slut couldnt get sufficient. Casey ends his day flipped over in a pile driver which enables his own Dom. Until his cock is exploding with a hot load of cum he ejaculates all over Caseys face punishes Caseys hole. Once Dominic is completed together with his toy that is submissive , he jerks him often before he cums with pleasure. Till his body is convulsing from the following orgasm penis stimulation, caseys pole is stroked. Casey Everett gets punished and machine and loves it!!

Date: November 4, 2019
Category: Gay porn

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