Suck It Dry #07 –


Helena is not on the end of this punishment. She’s been featured on other websites as a bad ass Domme, however the females are created to submit here. Helena is about what she can handle as a butt, curious, what type of pain she is able to survive, when she is trapped in bondage restraints, and how she’ll feel. The first thing we discover is that Helena is far from virgin, but rather a masochist. She also discovers a means to push the pain into her pussy, which is currently soaking wet also sexualizes the pain. Her sight is taken away by the Pope and the agony continue with impact from flogger that knock on each clothespin off of her sensitive flesh. We have this brand new slut on her knees in which we want her with her neck shackled to keep her. Her nipple are all tormented beyond that which many can manage her legs really are caned, and climaxes are ripped from her pussy. In the last scene we spread her wide as we can get her, manage nipple torment, the attack her feet with brutal bastinado. Her pussy fucked and is broken until she can no longer require it.

Date: July 13, 2020
Porn stars: London Keyes
Category: Submission

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