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Throwback Thursday Fart fans will love this classic cum fart video. His domineering Mimi raised Kenny to love women. Mimi often sees Kenny licking his Ass and sucking Daddy’s cum from His Pussy. She also finds it embarrassing to be embarrassed in a variety of ways. Poor Kenney. His erections rule his life. He is supposed to be slave to M’mmy, Step-Mimi and his Step-Mimi but he cannot resist looking for other beautiful Women such as Mistress Roxy. As Roxy will show you, he loves being humiliated.

Kenny was locked up in the dungeon, while Roxy is sleeping in her bedroom with Her lover. Kenny is now responsible for taking Roxy’s cum farts in her face. Fresh cum grows out of her anus, pussy and legs onto the benches below. Kenny must smell the farts, and then kenny must lick up all that cum. Good boy, kenny! This video is perfect for lovers of cumfart.

From: clubstiletto.com
Date: October 5, 2022
Category: Latin

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