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Wenona is a bendy slut with a throat. We adore binding her down, oiling up her muscles till they gleam and then stuffing her filled with dick bulge and she drools as a leaky faucet. Which is precisely what we plan on doing now. What a blessed small pet this 1 is.Harshly bound with black zip ties onto a chilly metal mattress frame, Wenona’s head hangs on the border. It is the place to open her up throat completely. Her legs are spread wide open and dildo and also a vibrator are jammed up against her tight pussy. Her flesh glow is made by A dusting of baby oil along with a blindfold cuts off all vision. Our throat slut is ready.We change on the vibrator and get to work. One after the hard cocks moans and make use of her mouth as our MILF sputters that is flexible. She seems good. And she looks even better using cock. We tear off the blindfold so we keep on going and then can see those huge eyes. All the while the vibrator and dildo is currently working their magic. The tight bondage retains her firmly in place as she forfeit her mind.The climaxes, tight bondage and cock overload does the fool, reducing our match fuckslut to some dazed pool of flesh. Her eyes are remote and glassy and drool pours out of her. It is a great look . Always a joy Wenona. We will get you back my precious.

From: Ladyboy.com
Date: May 17, 2020
Porn stars: Wiwi
Category: Slave

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