Sydney Cole –


Sydney Cole is a “flyer”. In case you dont know about the cheer squad, you may not understand that the flyer: shes the woman they toss up into the atmosphere. Flyers must be petite, and in 52″ and not even 100 lbs, Sydney is miniature. She also has a problem: through a maneuver near the end of the game, Sydney dropped! The collapse left with a deep bruise on her leg, which lead her to Urgent Care..and Dr. Jax! Dr. Jax is a tall and black and fit, which caused Sydneys small pink pussy into wet-up with desire. One look at the good doctor, and she didnt feel the pain anymore! And lets face itits tough to decline a cute cheerleader if she makes a pass at you! Having an Urgent Care centre, Sydneys lead is taken by Dr. Jax and runs fucking her tight, miniature cunt directly in his test area! Sydney forgets about her boyfriend as Dr. Jax and his enormous black dick gets his way with her. . .until he paints her face with a load that is sticky! Touchdown for Dr. Jax!!

Date: February 1, 2020
Porn stars: Sydney Cole
Category: Shaved pussy

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