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Ariel X is back and ready to submit to the many haunted fucker about the interwebs. Ariel and The Pope happen to be doing scenes together for more than ten years and every time the bar has set a bit higher compared to the last moment. She has a way of inspiring him to do wicked things that only she can handle, and manage with a grin. Ariel is as much of a masochist, as he’s a sadist. We start with her on her back and her anus thrusted from the atmosphere and held there with cold steel. Her flesh has been assaulted with an array of impact implements that make it reddish and in misery. After her pussy is fucked into his liking The Pope ignites orgasms out of her more than willing pussy. Next we bend her over displaying her amazingly toned body, with emphasis on that remarkable ass. More misery, which contributes to more discomfort and yells devastate Ariel into the center. Again her pussy is emptied out of fucking, anal fucking, and squirting orgasms. The Pope fucks Ariel’s mouth and controls more squirting from her pussy. At the final scene Ariel is tied into a bare wire frame box spring, that is mounted into the wall. The power that flows throughout her own body is enormous. We start with TENs pads, and then quickly escalate to the cows.

From: Devicebondage.com
Date: January 11, 2019
Porn stars: Ariel X / The Pope
Category: Squirting

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