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Victoria June calls her girlfriend to vent about the creepy man who has been following her around and making her uncomfortable. She realizes it is almost midnight and gets up to leave the conversation. She doesn’t realize that the same man is waiting for her when she walks out in the most sexy lingerie. Justin Hunt stares at her and asks what heA’s doing. She’s fed up and demands to know the details of how he discovered that she worked there. Blackmailing SheA, he says that it would be shameful if all the school knew that she worked there. She asks her husband what he would like, as he has no space to move. He wants to get a massage. He agrees, but she says that it’s fine. He gets dressed and takes off his clothes. He reluctantly takes her shower gel and she begins to work on his back. SheA is so upset and wants it over. SheA is on her knees massaging his legs when he suddenly turns and shows a huge, enraged face. As she looks at him, her eyes are astonished and she asks him to rinse off the gel before they proceed to the next stage. He asks her to come in the bathroom with him when he gets out. He stares at her, and she just stares at him wondering where the heck she got to this point in her life. He demands that she remove her top. She takes off her top and goes into the tub. He starts to jerk off so she urges him get onto the mat as soon as possible. He asks her to massage him with the gel, as she hasn’t touched him in a while. He smiles at her as she glides over him. HeA’s an amazing dick, and she can’t help but admire him.

From: nurumassage
Date: August 22, 2022
Category: Deep Throat

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