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Kyle Kash sits in the bar, awaiting the stud he met on the internet, username”HandyMan69.” HandyMan69 arrives, turning out to be creepy handyman Trenton Ducati. Kyle takes about a mindset and tries to call the date off. Trenton decides to teach a respect for the working man’s prick to Kyle. Kyle’s abducted from supporting and finds himself mummified in tight bondage, leaving the snobby boy exposed to Trenton’s crop. As Trenton leaves him moan toes and hard dick, helpless, Kyle can only squirm. The creepy handyman subsequently binds his boy into the bar for chunk torment and also also an flogging. As Kyle is suspended prior to finishing him off with a face full of 21, trenton provides a challenging fuck.

Date: April 15, 2019
Porn stars: Kyle Kash / Trenton Ducati
Category: Gay porn

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