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Well Guys its me Tereza Ilova as you can see Ive got myself in a small jam. Ive been accused and justly therefore of moving straight to your cum shot. Ive been informed more than once that this can be an significant part the match but I enjoy the cum shot that I continue going to it right from the gate. Well today as Ive been told time I want to cover the purchase price and find out what this teasing is all about, and they stated that they?? Re sending at a specialist, her name is Zuzana, to educate me all about it. When Zuzana walked I was at her buttocks, jumped at my wrists with silver hands cuffs on. I was somewhat nervous about what she would do but that I was determined to not let it show so I simply lay there rubbing against my body as she came closer with a sexy and wicked look in her eye. She placed her foot up on the bed and began rubbing my leg with her butt and she then put the crop between her legs rubbing her pussy back and forth, she began rubbing the harvest all over her buttocks as I laid out there rubbing my pussy and seeing her touch herself. Zuzana got on the bed and lifted my legs over my head and then employed her amazement and touched on my body all over, beginning with thighs and then my snatch, slowly moving up to my tits then touching my head. She lifted my legs and slapped the base of my foot and then she licked my toes, I didn?? T know exactly what to believe one instant she?? S causing me pain and another she?? S licking me with love. She slit her harvest on my pussy and lowered my legs back down, spreading my pussy wide open and then rubbing it all over. She awakened my twat with her amazement and then she leaned forward into doggy and began licking at my legs, showing me firsthand the difference between satisfying pain along with plain old pleasure. She got back up on one knee and put her other foot up on the bed and she then lift back my legs up and started licking my foot and feet. She put my legs between my arms and started massaging my pussy up and down and she slapped my ass with her harvest heating my entire body. She got down to fingering with her ass sticking in the atmosphere licking my legs and buttocks around and then rubbing my pussy with her hands. My pussy was hot and wetting and that I just kept teasing me together, massaging my grab with her harvest back and forth and then licking at my feet and feet. She even took my arms from around my legs and rolled me over onto my side slapping my ass with her crop and spreading my butt and pussy open wide. She began massaging and slapping her crop in my tits and she then moved back to licking at my feet and feet. I could feel that my pussy was really wet inside and there was nothing that I could do. I wished to finger my snatch so poor but I knew she would only pull it out, shes on a mission to tease me and theres no means shes going to allow me to get off. She rolled me back on spreading my legs open wide and rubbed my wrists and pussy with her butt and she straddled my body and began playing with my tits, massaging them all over and teasing my nipples. She unfastened my nylon and pulled it straight from my leg and wrapped it around my feet and toes and then she licked my feet getting them moist before shooting my second nylon and rubbing it on my own pussy. She raised his legs and tied them together and she then licked my feet, slapped my thighs and ass with her crop, giving me a feeling of pain and pleasure all at once. She rubbed her squirt onto my pussy and all over my tits then she put my legs down and rolled back me over on my side and directing her crop all over my hot and excited body before turning me over onto my stomach with my all facing up. Zuzana got to doggy and laid her head down on my bum and started rubbing my thighs up and down then she reached down and caught the nylon which was still wrapped around my thighs and pulled my toes up towards my buttocks. She licked and kissed my feet and feet, touching me like she really cared and she then grabbed her crop and began slapping the bottoms of my feet and my ass. Zuzana toyed with her harvest between my feet and rubbed my toes with her hands, lightly touching my body with her butt and then sucking and licking my feet. She then rolled me back over and place my cuffed arms around my legs and started licking and sucking my toes and then she caught me into fingering and rubbed my ass and wet puss and then she rolled back on my side and teasingly rubbed down me some more. What I thought would never occur, finally did. She untied my wrists and carried off one barbell, placing it on her wrist and then she led me off. I dont understand where shes carrying me I had been excited and ready to go. I learned a lot now about the entire teasing item, She had me so ready to cum was driving me crazy, I really hope now that she takes me a place where to finish the job, if not’m going to get it myself as my pussy is hot and wet.

Date: November 3, 2018
Porn stars: Tereza Ilova
Category: Domination

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