The Ex Girlfriend –

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Scene Haley Sweet and Will Powers Have Been an item ages ago and ran into each other at the massage parlor.

They looked happy to see each other, so they continued with their conversation since Haley prepared to massage him. She seemed a little nervous because she was telling him to get undressed and put on the desk. They made small conversation, flirting with each other, asking if they were dating anyone. Her hands obviously traveled into his cock and he was already hard. She started sucking on him as though they had never broken up. It had been just like old times, how she conducted her pierced tongue all over his balls. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other so Haley got on top and began riding his hard cock. Will had her taste her pussy on his prick, then spread her thighs open and began fucking her. He came across her body so that she could recall what’s been missing in her life.

Date: December 1, 2018
Porn stars: Haley Sweet / Will Powers
Category: Lick & Suck

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