I´ve been with the service for over 30 years Secret Agent GiGi very top of the commerce. YesIacute;ve been the assassin in severe & the agency;s heritage. I´ve been mentor and instructor to many younger assassin agents. Intense, I &;t lost count of the number of bodies I&severe;ve left behind and that I adopt acute, the standing I &;t rightfully earned, but the bureau has determined acute & it;s time for me to retire. They’re worried that I&severe;m getting too old and might acquire sloppy and leave ends endangering the corporation. My most recent protege Jordana Leigh comes around to visit and we relax with some wine chatting about our missions. Suddenly I begin to feel helpless. The medication is recognized by me . “You drugged me bitch!” Jordana yells and tells me that the agency has given her occupation to eliminate me. She mocks and taunts me that I didn&severe. I struggle to fight her off but I am getting weak and I fall XXXX. Jordana moves quickly cleave gagging me and handcuffing my chest. She unbuttons my underwear and fondling my limp body catching my wrists and humiliated me. I sputter and cough and everything gets black. Jordana is too stupid to realize that I &intense;m faking and believing the job is done a few pictures for proof snap and calls the agency. I grab her in a choke hold that is barbarous and sneak up behind the dumb newcomer. Jordana cries and bucks like a mule her eyes widening in fear understanding she will soon be out. I use my hairpin make busy tying up her and to unlock the cuffs. I smack her face after I catch her jumped. You dumb bimbo – you forgot the most important principle – that you didn´t even check my heartbeat!!! I show her who is still number one!!! and pull up on her knees

Date: September 11, 2019
Category: General porn

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