The Glam Side of Slavery –


Jasmine relaxes in the hot tub, with the jets on. As the scene begins, she turns off the hot tub and invites Miss Jasmine to come in and massage her feet. Jasmine remarks on how Jasmine spoils the slave by making him sit down on the carpet, but this is an incentive for her to keep up with his behavior or risk losing their privilege. Jasmine says that this is the glamorous type of work all slaves want to do. She then tells him to put his tongue in the carpet and he continues to rub the sole with his fingers. Jasmine states, “This glamorous work is what all slaves desire to do.” She also says that Jasmine is talking to the slave throughout the scene so she can guide you in serving superior Women like her. You might be able to serve Jasmine if you are willing to humiliate yourself and do the hard work. Through this entire scene, you will notice that JasmineaEUR ™ is the only one who loses focus. Is it possible to be so focused? Or would you need to be too distracted to lose your concentration, and risk losing her approval? Jasmine moves and asks the slave for a massage. She also talks about their first encounter, and how she began by disciplining and cropping him. She now rewards him by spending time with Jasmine in the toilet, washing her clothes, cleaning his panties, and doing laundry with her tongue. She lifts her arm, and he lets her lick her armpit. Then the second. She is so close to her beautiful tits. Jasmine is able to balance pleasure and punishment, thus creating a constant stream of slaves eager to help.

Date: September 20, 2022
Category: Panty

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