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Peter Stallion is a 22 yr old stud, measuring in at nearly 6. He’s got a face and body that scream for attention you could not have enough of and honestly, neither can we. We first brought you Peter a couple of months back and know his sinful looks, devilish smile and that accent that’s equally as thick as his own lead pipe of a cock, arent easily forgotten. Peter has made quite a name for himself back home from the Czech Republic, starring in many a straight gang-bang film. I like to be watched… he beams following recounting a number of his prior orgy experiences off camera where he and a few of other lucky men are left to support 20+ horny women a bit! They don’t call him Peter Stallion for nothing: not only is he hung like a horse, he is as horny as the only colt in a corral full of Phillies! Fortunately for us, there arent 20 horny women around to fulfill his insatiable appetite, therefore Peters over willing to strip down and stroke off one for us. Uncut, sculpted and buffPrague perfection coming right up, style!Leaning back on the couch, clad in his tight jeans and tight-fitting, mostly open shirt, Peter starts his command functionality to us. He wastes no time as his hands are. Running beneath his shirt, feeling his rock hard pecs, and within his jeans to greet the hardening piece of xxxtra thick penis he’ll soon unleash. His years performing really pay off, giving one hell of a hot strip tease! First the shirt, then the panties, and finally the tighty-whities are all peeled off showing everything he had been blessed with. Moving into the couch, he gives us a great view of his rear door as he begins humping into the sofa. His perfectly round buttocks arches and falls , making a bit jealous of those women back home which have him hard at work at the very same place. By now our Czech stallion flips on his back, he’s at full mast and raring to go! Giddy up!Peter strokes his massive cock slowly, humping into his hands. He uses his spit-slicked palms to twirl around his knob, lubing it seconds before it disappears into the thick foreskin that enfolds it. A close up of the glistening meat gives you a closer appreciation of all hes working together with. The looks on this studs confront are lust-induced. Everything from the sensual bare-all positions he provides you, into the light dusting of blonde peach fuzz on his best buttocks, to the way his muscled pecs and abs flex and dancing in song to his stroking all create your mouth water for more. An extraordinary aerial view can help you truly love this stallion because he proceeds to work on his bone. The enchanting mouth, then the smooth torso cascading onto his abs, past his navel and pooling into a brief cropped fur bath at the base of the engorged penis. . .the scenery is breath taking! His heavy balls loose are pulled up near so that you know it wont be long before this show cums to a conclusion. Never one to disappoint, Peter looks at you since he unloads, coat his abs, creating a prospective pleasure route of a power packed protein shake at a special sort of cum-back provide that seems to be great to the final sticky, white fall!

Date: August 13, 2019
Porn stars: Peter Stallion
Category: Gay porn

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