The Right time to Sit on.. –


Ms. T is standing over the slave who lies in bed. You can see her beautiful corset waistline and large breasts. She says, “ItA is time to have some face-sitting fun.” You know what I like to do with your face, so use it as a chair. HeA’s her slave, she tells him. When she hovers above his face, he tries to lift it to kiss her. He must show control, she orders. She slowly lowers her weight onto his head and sits down. You must be a bit mad by my big, voluptuous and juicy ass. She asks. He leans forward, and she tells him gently to lick her genitals. SheA’s on her face once more, and he doesn’t show any mercy. Before she can sit down, Mistress T stands above the slave on the bed and shows him amazing views. She tells him, “I want to make you suffer a little,” before sitting on the saddle that is facing his face. This really hurts his nose. Although it hurts, the slave’s arousal can be clearly seen because he has a bouncey cock. She tells him, “Getting my arse sometimes means pain.” He groans and she rocks onto his face. He finally allows her to get up and lie on his chest, so she can have her asshole. After sitting down, she stretches her legs out in front of herself and resumes her full-weight. To show her breasts, she lifts her arms. The slave is told by her that she will lift her if he needs air. She struggles to stand and he earns just a little air. He then shifts her and she sits down on his back, fully weight. He grabs her hands and she lifts herself up. She says “How intimate,” while the slave kicks beneath her. He pushes her to his limits, and she demands that he return his tongue in her genitals. He sucks air, but he still manages her to reach his throat.

Date: October 6, 2022
Category: Pissing

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