I’ve been waiting all day for the last among extreme & my worker;s, Nyxon, to depart for supper. We’ve made a big sales today and I had to take my skim until the amounts are tallied by them following lunch. I bid Nyxon goodbye then as she is gone I go to your money. As the door opening and Nyxon surprises me walking back in, Nevertheless, the dumb wide need to have forgotten something. If she accuses me of 25, I immediately stuff the money to the waist band of the own skin tight disco jeans and studder a justification. I attempt to get the upper hand however I am caught red handed, maybe just might miss the wad of cash if I let her search me. I let I to be searched by Nyxon by standing together with my hands as she pats me down. That the money is found by her and I’m captured, I attempt to beg and plead with her to not call the cops. Then she receives this sick twisted grin in her face and informs me that she’s had a fetish and continues to be fantasing about tying me up. For her tying me up, I reluctantly consent , I don&severe;t want to go to prison, along with how bad is it? A couple ropes and I am off scot free. She ties my thighs together, her abilities impress me. She pulls elbows together behind by back and bends her tight ropes and cinches my elbows together. It is too late, although I am having second thoughts about this, I’m powerless to stop her. I demonstration but my protests are answered by a rag stuffed into my mouth. Together with my jaws she then wraps elastic bandage around my head tightly over my mouth gagging me. Before putting me down she ties my wrists. Nyxon ties the rope round my elbows down to my bound ankles and pulls on the rope tight until my legs have been pulled up to my palms in a cruel hogtie. She tauts and teases me, Nyxon stuffs the cash and informs me that she is now likely to lunch and do a little shopping in my expense. But not to worry perhaps they and since the employees should be untie her. But maybe not because I am such a bitch to work for they may abandon me tightly bound, gagged and hogtied for your day. As she leaves me helpless I watch but I am already plotting my revenge.

Date: January 14, 2020
Category: General porn

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