Too Much, Too Soon –


As soon as we ask a guy how he is doing and he responds with Im horny and I wish to fuck, we know we’re in for an enjoyable day at When the guy in question is none other than Robert, we understand it will not only be fun, but hot as well. Few men know how to work the camera like Robert does. As we watched a few weeks back when Yankee chose a taste evaluation of those 8.5 thick hooded inches, Robert plays as well with others as he does alone. We ended up with Robert the afternoon before he was to turn 21. And instead of a piece of cake we served him a slice of ass. We first met 24-year-old Eli when he had been plowed by porn superstar Todd Maxwell on our brother website, We understood a power base that likes to be ridden up to Eli doesn’t be ideal for Robert too, despite his own wedding ring, this really aint Roberts first time at the backdoor rodeo either.Like the Emperor waiting to be pleasured, Robert is seated expectedlyhis legs spread wide, if Eli comes over to start the festivities. Robert instantly puts his hand on Elis mind and guides that mouth south. He opens Roberts jeans, tugs down his underwear and with only a few expert licks, Roberts penis is tickling the back of Elis throat and fully hard. Robert has also switched from attacking Elis ears using a chorus of filthy talk, and simply being along for the journey to taking the reins, and control, pistol whipping Elis mouth with his fat penis. Eli fishes his own cock to stroke along as Robert stands over him. At first, Robert starts fucking his face, but realizes all he wants to do is let Elis head go and stand there and back and forth. Forth and back becomes the operative term as they both decide enough of the preliminary actions: this birthday celebration needs next is the interactive man-to-man edition of pin the tail on the donkey.Bending above and pushing his hips back to meet Roberts thrusts, Eli makes sure that he gets every inch from every angle. Robert pounds off so fast and furious that the rapping of the mind board against the wall seems as a Latin dance band’s section. Moving into the bed, Eli can adapt Roberts anal attack in a single, slow, deliberate movement and even keeps that huge dick closely in his bum as Robert moves him onto his back and forth, grabbing his ankles, begins pounding away at Elis hole twice moment. Arching his back, Robert pulls out his cock, and with under a moment of fisting, covers Elis trembling abs with a thick load that is soon joined by a fresh serving of icing from Elis balls. Robert started out stating he was really so horny and wanted to fuck, but leaves saying something we like to listen…I had a blast!

Date: January 14, 2020
Porn stars: Eli / Robert Long
Category: Gay porn

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