Tormented Without Mercy -.. –


Connor Patricks was locked away for days in Adam Herst’s workshop. Adam rouses Connor from sleep at a cramped cage, also also the boy is fucked by face through the pubs. Harder thrusts response the pleas for launch of Connor. Adam binds Connor vertical, blindfolding the boy with arms outstretched to maintain weights. He is warned by connor’s tormentor as he bends the torso and legs of Connor using a riding crop from falling the load. Adam raises the stakes using a clothespin zipper on either side of the own body of Connor, linking the line. He finally sticks on his plaything and puts Connor’s nerves. Gravity wins. The decreasing weights tear the clothespins from Connor’s body. Legs hanging overhead, then Adam next traps Connor underneath piping, contorting the boy. Adam delivers a caning and foot torment before a rough fucking. He continues the fucking to the night, splitting Connor’s legs wide apart on a platorform with belts. Connor has the cum since his giant prick is rammed by Adam deep worked from his balls. By now, Connor’s soul has busted, and he accepts the cum using a mouthful that was ready of Adam.

Date: November 12, 2019
Porn stars: Adam Herst / Connor Patricks
Category: Gay porn

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