Treated so Badly but Unable.. –


She has come to love her slave, Princess Dakota. She was wearing her cowboy boots, which she wears to the stable. Her boots could smell farm and she had her slave clean them. brootle! She then asked him to take off the boots, revealing her sweaty and bare feet from all of her day spent in them. Her feet needed to be licked and her toe nails painted with new polish. She is so happy to make the “slapping” sounds when her feet kick her slave’s face.

He is insulted, degraded, and she loves to use her feet for squishing his face between her toes. She can then laugh at her funny looks. She continues to punch him in his face. It is amazing to see how cruelly she treats him, and yet, he doesn’t leave. As if he feels more connected to her the less she treats him. You are now able to use the power and influence of Female Domination.

Date: September 17, 2022
Category: Rubber

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