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Ragnar acquired his title from a legend, and this weeks update brings to MO30 most of the passion of the Vikings! Ragnar is just another of our models that has done this kind of thing before. Quite comfortable with Hollywood, he’s spent a lot of time in front of the cameradoing a job of the adult as well as non-adult character. Free spiritedopen minded, this sculpted jaw stud also had a stint as a web camera host. . .and though he is straight, Ragnar makes it crystal clear he wants everybody seeing to have a great time.So substantially the sex system he couldnt wait to get his clothes off. We had to ask him to slow down! Before we knew what had occurred, he had been wearing nothing but black socks and a million dollar smile. When he sat down and got started, we soon realized we were in for a long time. His penis was swollen, and he was draining so much pre-cum, that we needed to go in for closer inspection. The slit onto the huge helmet head of the dick was smiling back at us almost as brightly as that enormous grin that never left his face. After he finally let go, he was turned and sprayed so much cum on the love seat, we’re still to this day finding evidence of Ragnars visit on the upholstery.

Date: November 6, 2018
Porn stars: Ragnar
Category: Gay porn

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