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Sosha and watch Alisha both pee in precisely exactly the same pair of trousers in this wetting video that is taboo. To begin with, Alisha wets her pants. Subsequently Sosha places on the very same trousers and pees in them as well.This video is due to a unique request from one of our members who wanted to watch two girls pee in the exact identical pair of trousers. We thought it seemed like a fun idea and gave it a go. Position in the woods, Alisha and Sosha, standing alongside her is wearing pants and underwear, respectively. They explain the premise of this video, then move to perform it.First, Alisha pees in her shorts. Standing with her feet apart, she relaxes, emptying her bladder’s content . As she urinates, the white fabric grows visibly wet, along with her legs are spread down by a large patch. We could observe a puddle start to grow over the floor. Once she’s done peeing in her pantsshe chooses them of hands on the soaking wet bulk off to Sosha.While Alisha stands next to herbottomless, Sosha places to the moist pants which Alisha just peed on her dry panties. After she’s the trousers Sosha will let move, peeing inside them as well. Moist, we see the cloth that is dry flip dark with wetness. What we do notice is the fabric begin to glisten with new fluid as Sosha pisses push to her panties and the wet pants. A lien types on the floor around Soshas feet, as it did Alisha.Once Sosha is performed peeing both women say a quick goodbye. The video fades to black as they run away to wash up.

From: Hdwetting.com
Date: February 5, 2020
Category: Pissing

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