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House of Taboo brings a fairy tale with a twist of stink! Yeah, you read that right, stink! The fairy tale is known as”Pisserella”, and the story is quite similar to Cinderella!Emma Butt plays the wicked witch who likes to stare at the mirror and say” Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the kinkiest of them all?” The mirror replies back and says”Why you are my dear! Look at those big bazookas you have, and those penis sucking lips that could wrap a 12″ Kielbasa, no problem! And everything about that shaved poontang and big rumpass of an ass you game around for us, your attire and how you jam your needing puss with all the big black double ended dildo. Certainly you’re the kinkiest!” Once that is heard by her , she feels good again about herself that she only lets out a gold stream of pee to observe! Well, really it’s more like that she shoots at out! For all you shatter lovers, you can imagine yourself getting a mouth full!

From: Houseoftaboo.com
Date: May 15, 2019
Porn stars: Emma Butt
Category: Femdom

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