You Tricked Me: Part One –

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Spending the weekend in the in -Samantha Rone gets a call from her friend Tara. Samantha is so relieved she’s someone to speak to. Samantha elaborates how Cherie looks at her, touches her, and that she put her foot directly at the dinner table between her legs, only last night! What kind of behaviour was that from a mom in law anyhow?!? Samantha appears stating how her husband left her teasing letters round the house which makes her horny as hell Although this was just one awkward situation, however, couldnt have sex since the in-laws were always about. She couldnt wait to fuck his brains out, but it wasnt going to be today, nor wasn’t likely to become her husband either!Cherie walks to the kitchen like a vampire, wearing a very revealing pink lingerie. She wakes up spanking her. Samantha stands straight up, demanding the hell was going on, and anything was going on mind. Samantha was wed to her own son! But Cherie was not going to offer up her pursuit. Cherie seemed to be convincing, promising her she needed was just one day along with her life could change forever. Luring her in with persistence and seduction, Samantha caves in letting her daughter to be tasted by Cherie in legislation lips and tongue. It didnt last long however as Samantha came back to reality, leaving Cherie high and dry.A few days pass, and things appear to return to normal until one early morning, Samantha sees a note on the computer saying Move Upstairs.Thinking this was really a surprise her husband left her, she runs up on the stairway to come across another note reading Place me on. Thrilled to open a gift bag with sparking high heels and fitting lingerie, Samantha undressed fast, eager to finally have some time with him. She sits on the bed, wearing a blindfold to amplify the occasion. But Samantha didnt know who was supporting her, which person was her mum in law….What will Samantha do after she finds out that been touching her along? Can she does she use this contrary to the constant mom in law for pleasure or go with it? Watch and find out!

Date: May 18, 2019
Category: Hairy

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