Your first day –


Now you’re on your knees before Mistress T, who sits on the toilet. She calls you a “good boy” and can tell you are keen to learn more about toilet training. She tells you that she wants you to clean my poop today. She begins to pee, and she asks if you’d like to see the results. She looks down at the tool and says, “Let’s make sure your dick’s hard first.” You are impressed, and she tells you to get started stroking the tool. However, you must give her permission before you can do so. As she begins to pee, she pulls off her robe. She will tell you to keep stroking her body while she does number 2.

She purrs with her most seductive voice, “I want to be on the edge, hard and horny thinking about how it will feel to taste my sex” T kisses your lips, and then asks you to do it the same. This is to let her know how much you want to have T’s taste in your mouth. She tells you next to expose your tongue, to make sure it is fully wet. T gets up and rubs her stomach. She then asks T if she can smell it. She says, “Imagine the little pink hole expanding and my chocolate coming out.” When she’s done, she will rise up to put her genitals in front of you. Then you will get all the chocolate from her mouth and lick it up until she has gone. You can only cumper after she has dried. She tells you to work harder, and she then shows you her sex. She commands you to “Get in there, lap it all up”, and she then instructs you not to stop for a second. She tells you to “Degrade yourself” and then shows her how much she loves your sex. You seem ready to take on the next stage of your training: full service in the toilet.

Date: August 13, 2022
Category: Domination

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